Michael once ran a strategic planning workshop in a location without a roof, walls or chairs– the client had forgotten to ensure that the chosen venue actually had a meeting room…


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Michael Randel is an organizational learning consultant who specializes in supporting the performance and effectiveness of individuals, teams, and organizations. He has spent the majority of his career helping organizations develop their people and tackle the internal and external barriers to effective performance

As the Director of Randel Consulting Associates, a virtual network of experts on organizational effectiveness, he advises clients on the design and implementation of strategies to improve organizational effectiveness. Support to one recent client involved identifying key capabilities required by staff working on task teams. He advised another client on strategies to make meetings and conferences engaging and interactive, and coached subject matter experts in designing and running engaging meetings.

Prior to launching Randel Consulting Associates, Michael spent 6 years working on corporate learning and performance initiatives with the World Bank Group. As part of supporting managers and team leaders, Michael led an action research project on virtual collaboration among project teams and directed a peer learning program for managers. Originally from South Africa, Michael gained his experience advising organizations as they transitioned into a post-apartheid society.

Workshop Facilitation
Strategic Planning and Management
Project Management and Implementation
Performance and Team Consulting

Major Association: Change Management consulting and coaching to the executive team
Major Association: Design, development and delivery of professional development program
International Children's Organization:
Benchmarking study for a global management function
International Finance Organization:
Design and Facilitation of workshops on Project Implementation Planning
International Finance Organization:
Identification of core competencies for team leaders

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