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Sherry Schiller is the founder and President of the nonprofit Schiller Center. She is recognized internationally as a business strategist who helps organizations create better futures for themselves, their people, their customers, and their communities. Sherry is driven by the understanding that she serves as a champion for powerful ideas that transform people's lives and strengthen organizations.

Imagine the extraordinary results gained by working with greater purpose and harmony. It’s an achievable reality that compels organizations towards the business benefits of strategic, collaborative initiatives that stretch across the hall, across business sectors, or across the globe. Prior to Schiller Center, Sherry conducted international research and training as Vice President of The American Center for the Quality of Work Life. She was the first national director of a juvenile-delinquency prevention program that is still cited for its innovative partnerships to build community through service learning.

Sherry holds a Doctorate from the University of Michigan in curriculum and instruction with an emphasis on organizational change. Sherry is on track to release an innovative business guide to “Connective Change,” a proven framework she has formulated from her professional experience and extensive research. Her book, Dispelling the Megatrends Myth: A Leader's Guide to Managing Change, offers a dynamic model for collaborative, strategic leadership.

Connective Change and Constructive Culture
Strategic Planning and Delivering Value
Strategic Solutions

National Environmental Coalition: Strategic planning and reorganizing
Nationwide Education Association: Designed-focused strategic planning
National Healthcare Association: Strategic planning and communications repositioning
International Services Company: Strategic planning and organizational alignment
Several International Schools: Strategic planning, board training and governance
Federal Government: Summit facilitation and policy development

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